Reach for the Stars: Noelle Model Talent Group

“In the first six months, we had attended twenty-three fashion shows, multiple pageant title winners, had participated in multiple theater productions, attended New York Fashion Week, six out-of-state appearances, and won awards, to name a few things.” 

While helping other parents create legacies, Dr. Cryshaunda pays homage to her daughter ‘Blair Noelle’ by naming the group after her.

“I wanted a legacy. I wanted generational wealth. I wanted something that would live beyond me because battling cancer was no joke, and if the outcome would have been any different than me LIVING, I wanted her to know that Mama tried. I wanted her to see that I built something for her, something that she could live a life off of. So everything is always a dedication to her because it was because of her that I had enough strength, power, and motivation to fight cancer so that I could live to see her thrive.” 

The parents of NMTG praise Dr. Rorie for all she has done and continues to do for her community. Not limited to modeling, the group offers coaching for interviewing, voiceovers, talent, acting, and pageants. Careful to continue nurturing the organization’s parents, the director and coaches of NMTG offer talent management guidance and mental health check-ins! Upon joining NMTG, models are equipped with a staff of make-up artists, hairstylists, photographers, videographers, and more! Gabrielle Pemberton, the talent group’s hairstylist, champions the patience, freedom, and encouragement that models have gained by being surrounded by other children that look like them, with similar hair textures, to embrace and wear their natural hair more often.  

When asked if she thinks that her initial vision is being fulfilled,  Dr. Rorie shared, ‘The vision is being fulfilled every day we open our eyes and are given another chance at making a difference in our models’ lives. We are truly setting them up for a forever future in a world where they are needed.’

In July, NMTG will merge fashion and child mental health through community, culture, influence, and the arts! The “Deeper Than Fashion” Experience is a four-day fashion event held July 13th-16th, 2023, throughout the triad area! This experience will entail a fashion museum (free and open to the public), Child Mental Health Fashion Gala, a ‘Christmas in July’ community giveback event, and Cultural Kids Fashion Show as the grand finale! 

Find out more about Noelle Modeling and Talent Group at: Modeling & Talent Group: Helping Stars Shine Brighter!

By: Sherry Shaw-Adams

“I am beautiful. I am loved. I put smiles on faces when I walk in a room. Be a leader, not a follower. I am a queen and should be treated as such!” 

These are affirmations that Model Ke’Nahziah Hines recites daily as a result of her mentorship from the staff and coaches of Noelle Modeling & Talent Group. Ke’Nahziah says that because of the encouraging family-oriented environment, she always holds her head high and knows that she is the main character when she walks into a room.

In July of 2022, Dr. Cryshaunda Rorie began a modeling mentorship program for parents who were interested in introducing their children to the modeling industry as a result of many inquiring about how she was able to introduce her daughter to her first fashion show at the age of 2 years old. The exposure allowed her to take on different perspectives that eventually led to her walking interested parents through the proper steps through virtual meetings. A true trailblazer, she continued pushing forward when she saw that was not enough. In October of the same year, Dr. Rorie officially opened the doors of NMTG as the director with 30 signed models and 20 staff members. Today, they have grown to have 46 models and 27 staff members that are a part of the organization. 

“Noelle Model & Talent Group was to be born as a bridge for minority children to receive the same opportunities as any other race. By having the knowledge, I knew I would be capable of exposing the children and their parents to a career side of the world and not just the “fun” side,” says Dr. Rorie. 

Founded on a five-point promise of Development, Marketing, Execution, Finance & Network– every class, seminar, or training hosted by the organization is facilitated under one, if not all, of these essential career-building principles.

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