Brows, Lashes, and a Bold Lip

Hey boo, hey!! I’m Ebony, a licensed cosmetologist, a mompreneur, and a lover of all things beauty. And I’m here to give you a few tricks and tips on how you can create your own on-trend effortless beauty look for the spring!

First things first, the weather has been crazy, so keeping your skin and body well hydrated and making sure you have a skincare regimen that is best for skin care needs are essential. Now, let’s talk about brows. Brows help to shape and frame your face. If you can’t shape your brows, and that’s fine if you can’t, get them professionally done. Make sure your brows can be seen, so if they need to be tinted or filled in, I suggest doing that. Tinting can last about 2-3 weeks, so I recommend tinting if you have a busy life. 

Next up, lashes! Ba-by, personally, I love a good pair of lashes. If lashes are not your thing, get a great mascara. Whether you choose lash extensions, lash strips, or mascara, enhancing your lashes will enhance your eyes.

Now, add a bold lip color to take your spring look up a notch (more on trend). Go to your local cosmetic store or counter and try lipstick or lip color swatches on your forearm or hand to see which color looks best on you. I prefer Sephora liquid lip color #97 ( a shade of red) with #67 (a shade of pink) in the middle of my lips to create an ombré lip.

Now, using these tips and a pair of cute earrings will elevate your

look, even while wearing joggers and sneakers. 

Try it out and let me know what you think.

If you love the outcome, post the look on social media and tag @TriadVoice Mag and use the hashtag #TVMBeautytip, You can also follow me on Instagram at ebonycustomeyesartistry for beauty tips and tricks. 

I can’t wait to see your looks!

Love you, boo,

Ebony Hairston,

Licensed Cosmetologist, Mompreneur, Lover of all things Beauty 

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