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Triad Voice is a free community publication celebrating the stories and perspectives of women of color in North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad region.

Our mission is to amplify diverse voices, foster belonging, and bring our community together through storytelling. We cover topics relevant to women from various backgrounds—including arts, finance, health, business, culture, and local happenings.

Triad Voice aims to educate, empower, and uplift by sharing stories that resonate, inform, inspire and entertain. We believe there is power in shining light on both everyday experiences and untold triumphs.

Through courageous conversations and opening dialogues, we hope to build understanding across differences. Our shared humanity connects us. Even in division, there is more that unites us than sets us apart.

Triad Voice provides a space where all community members can gain insight into lives different from their own. Turn these pages to connect with your neighbors and discover the richness of our region. Let our stories empower you to create positive change.

Find your Voice … at Triad Voice.

*2022 Minority Owned Business of the Year nominee by Business High Point Chamber*

*2022 #62Triad City Beats 100 People places things that shaped the Triad*

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