Look Inside, Go Outside

By Reasha Tenaye

Take a moment to think about you. Think about your day and how much of it you spend present in moments versus moving along in a routine. Are the mind and the body moving with purpose or just “being”? Are you hearing or actively listening to things said to you? The wheels should always be turning—but are they in Sport mode, or Standard mode, or have you resolved to the Eco mode by just coasting and existing? The way you spend your day determines how the rest of your life will go. The routine is good, and so is a bit of spontaneity.

In times when you are unsure of who and what you are, it is time to look inside of yourself and perform a Cost-Benefit analysis which is a term used to determine the positive and negative aspects of a product/service and once everything is on the table, you establish whether or not you are going to maintain your current ways of life. Really think about who you are, who you want to be, and what opportunities you have that are preventing you from achieving success. Yes, this involves a deep dive into who you are as a person. There is beauty is silence. While scary, introspection is such a great thing to do at any age. Keep the good; toss out the things that are not beneficial to the superb entity that is you.

There’s a saying that is widespread that speaks about how the richest place in the world is a graveyard. Harsh but true reality. If you live your life just to exist or are that person who is always looking for trouble, accepting no responsibility for your actions and blaming others for your missteps, you will NOT ever see great. There is greatness beyond that mountain. At some point, you must make the decision to stop being Lot’s wife. While you may not turn into a literal pillar of salt, you will, in fact, over-season your circle and family with your salty attitude. Everyone deserves better than that; especially you.

There are so many positives to life; take a moment to reflect on where you are now as opposed to where you were just a month ago. Notice the “getting better”. When you let go of the past and know you are deserving of greatness in the present and future due to divine will, it will make everything greater. Let go of foolishness on your own terms; just make sure you get it outside and let it go.  Hold on to the fact that the race has been won and you are victorious. Period.

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